Tweed Weekend, January 2016


On a holiday weekend this January a bunch of us gathered at the Blue Mountain Reservation for our yearly adventure we like to call the Tweed Lodge (aka Fancy Camp). This is one of the most anticipated and best-loved events among our vintage crew. This time it was a much smaller group who gathered, almost half as many as last time, which led to a more intimate, more relaxed event which I personally very much enjoyed.

We all met at the Lodge on Friday evening and settled in to a lovely, casual dinner, gathering around the fireplace, to chat, imbibe, and play a few board games.  We all stumbled out of bed on Saturday morning, had a lovely (and fattening- maple candied bacon! Pancakes!) breakfast and some more time around the fireplace, then headed out for a lovely hike on an unseasonably warm afternoon. Some of our group made it to the top of Mt. Spitzenberg, while some of our group opted to go to the shooting range. As you can see from the pictures it was magical the way the light was filtering down amongst the trees and it was just wonderful walking through the forest with friends.


12604917_10101629741432006_87201094335616003_oOur fearless leader and host, David DeLucia.

12615305_10101629752449926_9019448948728310051_o IMG_9410 IMG_9458 A37A9080 With some of my favorite vintage ladies, during our hike.

12487282_10101629755643526_8062140296076572899_o 12513612_10101629745608636_4328095788541102975_o


After our hike we returned to the lodge to relax a bit (more fireplace time!) and get ready for our black tie dinner. We’ve been “dressing for dinner” since the first Tweed Lodge, and its one of my favorite parts of the weekend. It really harkens back to a time when people in grand houses would stop what they were doing and go properly dress for dinner. Plus, with a bunch of collectors (hoarders?) like us, we all like to show off our vintage finds. 🙂


Matthew, playing bartender and impressing us all with his Whiskey Sours.A37A9202My favorite part of the evening- dancing!!12620587_10101631109545296_93667524_oGreen seemed to be the unofficially color choice for the ladies that night.

After a relatively tame and early Saturday night (there have been some really wild ones in the past!), we awoke on Sunday morning to another big breakfast and fireplace time (are you sensing a theme here?) where we caught up on reading magazines from the 1930’s and 40’s, enjoying all the very funny/un-PC articles and advertisements. My how things have changed!

After we managed to get ourselves ready for the outdoors a large part of the group attempted to go to the firing range for some trap shooting but were turned away because it was too full that day. Instead, the majority of us opted instead for what turned out to be a long, nearly three-hour hike, thanks to our fearless leader, David DeLucia. But it was a wonderful time and we all appreciated the hot lunch and tea when we got back to the lodge.


IMG_9393We *really* woke up like this! Yay pin curls and dressing gowns!A37A9251 IMG_9501

After lunch it was time to begin the slow process of packing up, so we all rolled up our sleeping bags, blankets and vintage gear and went back to our homes and every day life, already looking forward to our next weekend at the Tweed Lodge.