Monthly Archives: July 2015


Once again its been too long since my last update but let’s get back to it! So much fun to stuff has happened that I need to post about!

I was delighted to be contacted by Sven Raphael Schneider, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting once before and who is one of the editors at the popular online menswear magazine Gentlemen’s Gazette. He asked if I would like to be interviewed by one of their contributors for an upcoming story about the significant others of men who dress well. While he did use the word “dandy” and Matthew does not consider himself a dandy (or even well-dress for that matter!) I thought it would be fun to be interviewed and contribute a small part to an article about something I love- men dressing well.

I was interviewed by J.A. Shapiro who conducted a fairly thorough interview, which was new for me since I am not used to being the one interviewed! (Usually I watch my clients get interviewed when I’m at work!)  The final article can be seen here . With the exception of calling me a “world renowned makeup artist” (not quite!) and stating that I prefer the 50’s in terms of style (more like 30’s-40’s) the article is accurate and a fun read.  Please let me know your thoughts on my section and the others as well! (We are good friends with Andrew Yamato and Jenny Gage who were also interviewed).

The picture above is from our shoot with Tatiana Breslow and Ryan Brenizer who are absolutely amazing wedding photographers and asked if they could shoot us just for the fun of it earlier this year. Much more of those amazing pics coming soon!