Monthly Archives: April 2016

Mental Floss Elizabethan Video

Once again I was able to combine my love of makeup and vintage when I worked on a video with Mental Floss about makeup during Elizabethan times. Mental Floss gets all the credit for the interesting information in the video, which details what women used back in those days, which was usually *highly* toxic, and makes me grateful for how far cosmetics have come!  I had a great time doing the makeup, which is WAY more vintage then I usually go, as you can tell from my usual posts.

You can watch the complete video here. Please enjoy and stay tuned for the Marie Antoinette video coming out soon!

One of our favorite events, the Easter Parade was last Sunday, and Matthew has been hard at work on editing the video since then. I’m so excited to share this with you because I think its our best one yet! You see us getting ready, then what its like to be at the parade, and some of our lovely vintage friends and their gorgeous vintage events, as well as some of the more interesting Easter Bonnets that people have created. We end our day at the Plaza Hotel dancing to Gregory Moore and his band, followed by dinner at the Polo Bar.

I’ll be doing another post about the Easter Parade soon with some of the beautiful pictures taken that day, but for now please enjoy this video of our day! We will be making more videos soon and are open to suggestions of topics you would like to see!