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If you’re looking for something fun and vintage-related to do this weekend, and you’re looking to get out of NYC, or are near Boston, be sure to consider Boston Swing Central’s Roaring Twenties Lawn Party. The original date was last Sunday, but it got rained out and was rescheduled for this coming Sunday, August 3rd. It takes place on the beautiful Crane Estate in Ipswich that looks to be completely stunning from the photographs! Please come out; it will be an amazing time and the weather looks like it will be perfect!
Tickets and info here:

TinType Day 1

My apologies, dear readers! Work and life have gotten very busy lately (all good things!) and I have fallen very, very far behind with updating the blog!  There have been so many wonderful events and trips to post about in the past few months, but I’m going to start with the event we refer to the “Olympics” of the vintage scene- the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island.

This event is in it’s ninth year and since I’ve been going every year since the second year, I’ve seen it expand and change exponentially.  The first time I went there were about 60-75 people there, all swing dancers, and there was just the band, a small dance floor, and everyone brought a picnic lunch.  It was free, there were no vendors of any kind, and since Governor’s Island has just been opened to the public two years before, there was almost no one on the ferry to the island or on the island itself.  It was so peaceful, it really did feel like being back in the 1920’s when I closed my eyes.

But my how things have changed! Last I heard, 3,000(!!) people attended each day at the most recent Lawn Party this June.  There are clothing vendors, food vendors, cocktails by Saint Germain, three bands, dancer performances, a few “Follies” numbers, a bathing beauties promenade, a pie baking contest, a VIP section and so much more.  It is covered by countless media outlets around the world (including American and Brazilian Vogue), and director Baz Luhrmann  stopped by last year to check it out! (Pics from that amazing day are in a previous post).  It has become a cottage industry for the man who started it, Michael Arenella, and is at least partly responsible for the recent resurgence in interest of all things “Jazz Age” and 1920’s.  When I say this event has changed- it has CHANGED.