Harper’s Bazaar Article: “The Vintage Girls of New York City”

Harpers Bazaar Article Opening Shot 8.16

My Vintage Loves, I am so very excited to share with you this article that was published today in Harper’s Bazaar Online. It is a comprehensive article about the New York City vintage community that was written by my wonderfully talented friend, Zoë Beery, and features photos of myself and some of my dear friends from the vintage scene, Gretchen Fenston, Vanessa Gualdron and Voon. It covers not just the dressing aspect of the scene, but also the size, race and gender politics (as well as the occasional snark) of the scene as well.  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the vintage world in NYC this is the article that will fill you in! It’s already been shared more the 5,000 times from the Harper’s Bazaar site, so if you enjoy it, please share!  Hopefully this will be the first of many articles of this size and scope about the vintage scene.  A huge thank you to Zoë and Harper’s Bazaar for having all of us be part of this story. I hope it inspires readers around the world!

Harper's Bazaar Article 1

I’m wearing a 1940’s dress from Emily’s Vintage Visions.

Harper's Bazaar Article 2

Gretchen Fenston

Harpers Bazaar Voon


Harpers Bazaar Zoe

Zoë Beery

Harpers Bazaar Vanessa

Vanessa Gualdron

Beautiful photos by Tyler Joe.