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40's Wedding 4

Thanks to Facebook, I recently came across one of the most wonderful videos I’ve ever seen. A grandson took the raw footage from his grandparent’s wedding in 1944, edited it and uploaded it, so we can all enjoy the beauty of that day.

Filmed in and around Portland, Oregon (which makes me love it even more, as a native Oregonian) it shows the simple but lovely wedding of Doyle and Mary Jane, who according to the original post are still married 64 years later! Doyle is so handsome in his sailors uniform and Mary Jane is stunning in her beautiful blue dress, lovely hat and matching bright pink(!!) gloves and purse. There’s a sweet simplicity to everything- the small amount of people involved, the “Just Married” sign on the back of the car, and the “MJB” rice thrown at the newlyweds as they leave the reverend’s house where they were married. I literally teared up when I watched this for the first time, it was all just so beautiful and innocent.  As a friend said when I posted the link to the video on Facebook- “A handful of people and a handful of rice- perfect!”

You can see this inspiring and beautiful video here.  Be sure to notice the beautiful colors of the Kodachrome- you can really appreciate the bright colors of some of the clothing! So beautiful!!

40s Wedding 3