Monthly Archives: April 2017

It’s hard to believe how fast time is flying, but the Easter Parade 2016 was already a year ago! We posted our Easter Parade Video not long after the parade last year, but despite meaning to show you the lovely photos from the day I never did, so I’m sharing them with you now! We will be at Viva Las Vegas this year which falls on Easter weekend, so there won’t be any Easter Parade pictures from this year, so these will have to suffice for last year and this year! We hope you enjoy these and stay tuned for pictures from Viva Las Vegas in just a few weeks!

I found this dress at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing show a few years ago. The vendor told me it was once owned by a Dupont family member. It is, to date, my most expensive vintage purchase.

One of our spectacularly well dressed friends, Heidi Rosenau.

Another of our spectacularly well dressed friends, Gretchen Fenston, who is also a very talented milliner; she’s made many of the hats you’ll see in this and other posts!