Monthly Archives: March 2016

I’m excited to announce that Matthew and I have produced a new makeup tutorial video; this one about strip lashes!

How to apply strip lashes so they look good and feel comfortable is one of my most-asked questions as a makeup artist, so it seemed a natural fit for our next tutorial. You’ll find out how to measure to trim strip lashes so they look and feel great, and also the very best way to apply lash glue so you have the perfect amount! Please watch and comment below to let me know what you think and let us know what other topics you’d like to see covered! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well so you can see all the fun videos that we’ll be posting!

Enjoy this tutorial and have fun wearing those lashes!


Hello My Vintage Loves! Very exciting news! Matthew and I have finally started making makeup tutorial videos! Our very first one is about one of the most important parts of a vintage look- red lipstick! Please watch and leave a comment with your thoughts. (And please go easy on us; we’re still learning!!)

There will be more videos coming soon; but please let me know your thoughts for other topics you’d like to see us cover! You can see and subscribe to our entire YouTube channel here.

Thank you for your help and your support!


On a holiday weekend this January a bunch of us gathered at the Blue Mountain Reservation for our yearly adventure we like to call the Tweed Lodge (aka Fancy Camp). This is one of the most anticipated and best-loved events among our vintage crew. This time it was a much smaller group who gathered, almost half as many as last time, which led to a more intimate, more relaxed event which I personally very much enjoyed.

We all met at the Lodge on Friday evening and settled in to a lovely, casual dinner, gathering around the fireplace, to chat, imbibe, and play a few board games.  We all stumbled out of bed on Saturday morning, had a lovely (and fattening- maple candied bacon! Pancakes!) breakfast and some more time around the fireplace, then headed out for a lovely hike on an unseasonably warm afternoon. Some of our group made it to the top of Mt. Spitzenberg, while some of our group opted to go to the shooting range. As you can see from the pictures it was magical the way the light was filtering down amongst the trees and it was just wonderful walking through the forest with friends.