On a very hot day in July, Matthew and I, with a small group of well dressed friends, braved the heat and went row boating in Central Park. It was a lovely day, and the lake was surprisingly full of fellow boaters. After about an hour of boating, with a small respite in the shade, we came ashore and walked over to EJ’s Luncheonette for a very refreshing break with lots of milkshakes and air conditioning.

This video is short and sweet but one of my favorites so far, and we hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more!


bill-cunningham smile

On June 25th, we lost one of the pioneers of street photography and one of the gentlest and kindest souls to ever live, Mr. Bill Cunningham. He was 87 years old. We were lucky enough to know Bill (or Uncle Bill as we liked to call him) not just as fans who were hoping to have Bill’s lens on us for a moment, but as someone we saw at smaller gatherings where we were able to chat and get to know him better. He was always smiling and kind, and seemed to be happy wherever he was, as long as there were interesting people around to photograph.

He was also one of the most upbeat and positive people I’ve ever met.  The best story to illustrate this happened last summer, on our way to the Jazz Age Lawn Party when we chatted with Bill on the ferry ride over. He would normally be standing, taking pictures of the attendees on their way to the Lawn Party, but this time he was sitting, due to a recent knee injury which occurred during a fall from his bicycle that he rode virtually everyday. He had a knee brace and was using a cane, and when I told him how sorry we were to see that he was injured he responded brightly, “Oh, it’s ok! It just gives me different angles to take pictures from!” I will never forget that moment. What a wonderful way to look at an injury that would stop some people in their tracks (especially at his age), and cause most people to complain. For Bill it was just another way to do his job that he loved so very much. He was the embodiment of the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I don’t think Bill ever worked a day in his life because he loved – truly loved – what he did. By doing what he loved he brought joy to thousands and thousands of people. As an artist I can’t think of a better way to spend your life.


We’re here with another My Vintage Love video! This one covers our adventures at the Brimfield Antique Show. Brimfield is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, antique shows on the east coast and takes place three times each summer.  We went a few weeks ago in July, which we were told has the fewest vendors in attendance, but there was still plenty to see! We went on a Friday, but were told the best time to go is very early on a Tuesday to get all the really good stuff. We still found plenty of good stuff, but one of these days we’ll be like the pros and make it out there at 4am on a Tuesday!

You can find just about anything and everything at Brimfield, but we concentrated on our favorite things, clothing and accessories, which you can see in this video. It was also insanely hot that day (as we mention quite a few times) so you can also see me getting more and more bedraggled in this video, so enjoy that as well, lol.

There is one more Brimfield this year on September 6-11. If you’d like to find out more please take a look at their site here. Maybe we’ll see you there next year!

Campbell Apartment 1923

It seems like every day New York City is shutting down yet another beautiful landmark, and sadly, at the end of this month that will be happening again, this time to the Campbell Apartment.  Acquired in 1923 by John W. Campbell, he used it as an office and outfitted in in the most beautiful Italian style. The photo above shows how it looked in 1923. It fell into disrepair after Mr. Campbell died and at one point was even used as a holding cell by the police! In 1999 the space was leased by Mark Grossich who spent more than $2 million and 2 years renovating the space to its former glory. Since its renovation it has remained one of the most beautiful and classy bars in the city, and I’ve had the pleasure of attending parties there and enjoying their wonderful cocktails. I enjoy the fact that there is a dress code and the waiters and waitresses are well-dressed themselves. It was exactly the place to go if you wanted somewhere that you were guaranteed an elegant, dim, and cozy atmosphere with amazing cocktails.

This will all change on July 28, when the lease will be taken over by Scott Gerber (after an extended battle), who plans to make it “Something less Brooks Brothers, more limited edition sneakers and Gucci T-shirts.” To this I, and many of my friends say “Boo”. We do not want, or need another place for the $2,000 Gucci t-shirt, sneaker wearing crowd to go. There are plenty (PLENTY) of those places in New York City, and hardly any elegant places such at the Campbell Apartment left for us. Let it stay just as it is, and leave your disco balls, plastic furniture and thumping base out of this place. If patrons don’t want to dress up according to the dress code, than let them go to one of those many other places who will be glad to have them. There are people who want to dress up and go out to cocktails, and we are running out of places to go.

If you’d like to read more about the Campbell Apartment and the legal battle surrounding the lease, you can read more here.  The lease handover won’t happen until July 28, so you have until then to go and enjoy this wonderful landmark before it changes for the worst!



We had the pleasure of attending the Greater Boston Vintage Society’s Art Deco weekend over Memorial Day weekend and what a wonderful time we had! It was held in Newport, Rhode Island, amongst the amazing Gilded Age “cottages” of oil barons and steel tycoons. We stayed at the Salve Regina campus for the entire weekend, which included a visit to a flea market, a picnic on the front lawn, dinner at the Safari Room with one of the most beautiful views ever, and a dance on Saturday evening, followed on Sunday by a visit to two of the “cottages”.

With the exception of Matthew forgetting about 90% of his wardrobe (more on that in the video!) it was a truly wonderful weekend where we saw old friends and met some new ones. A huge thank you to Jason Volk of the Great Boston Vintage Society who tirelessly organized this weekend-long event (no easy task!) and a special tip of the hat to Cori and Roddy who lent Matthew their tuxedo jacket and bowtie so he could look extra dashing during the Saturday night dance. I was thrilled to be able to finally wear a 30’s dress with the most amazing back detail that I bought a few years ago and had just been waiting for the perfect occasion to pull it out!

We hope you’ll enjoy this video of our Art Deco Weekend adventures. More videos coming soon! If you’d like to see us cover something in particular, please comment below!



Recently, we had the extreme pleasure of attending the unveiling of the new Spirit of Saint Louis replica at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome and, best of all we got to go for a ride in a biplane from 1929! This is probably one of the most fun things I’ve *ever* done, and if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend it! Check out all the fun in our most recent video, along with some great shots of the Spirit of Saint Louis replica (oh it is tiny!), and of course some shots of the lovely vintage clothing worn that day by our friends who were attending the event as well.

If you’d like to visit Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome and take a biplane ride yourself, you can check out their website here. There are also airshows and a museum to visit as well!

We hope you enjoy this newest video, and stay tuned for more coming soon!


Recently I was able to combine my two great loves- vintage and makeup, when I collaborated with photographer Laura Okita, of the blog Paper Mothball Vintage. Laura is a fellow vintage enthusiast and collector, as well as a former model and super talented photographer. I basically want to be her when I grow up.

We decided on a 50’s beach theme, and Laura styled the entire shoot herself, in addition to photographing it digitally and on film.  We worked with a beautiful model Valen, from Muse models, and Jennifer Covington-Bowers did hair. I was so happy to be able to do makeup on a vintage inspired  shoot, because its the kind of beauty I love the best and it was the combination of my two favorite things. I am SO thrilled with the final images and I hope you enjoy them as well!

I’ll be shooting with Laura again next week so stayed tuned for more beautiful images, next time with an Edwardian theme!




VF-4a VF-5a




Hello My Vintage Loves! Matthew and I attended the rockabilly weekend, Viva Las Vegas in mid April, and we had an amazing time! Some of our adventures are highlighted in this video, which Matthew has been hard at work editing since our return. Check out the car show, the pool party, the vintage shopping and the dancing!

If you ever have the chance to attend Viva Las Vegas I highly recommend it- it’s exhausting but SO fabulous!  It’s worth it just to go and see all the fabulous vintage fashions that the ladies have been searching for and waiting to wear all year. I think of it as the Olympics of vintage fashion, for the 50’s-60’s.

Please enjoy this video and stay tuned for more posts and videos coming soon!

Mental Floss Elizabethan Video

Once again I was able to combine my love of makeup and vintage when I worked on a video with Mental Floss about makeup during Elizabethan times. Mental Floss gets all the credit for the interesting information in the video, which details what women used back in those days, which was usually *highly* toxic, and makes me grateful for how far cosmetics have come!  I had a great time doing the makeup, which is WAY more vintage then I usually go, as you can tell from my usual posts.

You can watch the complete video here. Please enjoy and stay tuned for the Marie Antoinette video coming out soon!

One of our favorite events, the Easter Parade was last Sunday, and Matthew has been hard at work on editing the video since then. I’m so excited to share this with you because I think its our best one yet! You see us getting ready, then what its like to be at the parade, and some of our lovely vintage friends and their gorgeous vintage events, as well as some of the more interesting Easter Bonnets that people have created. We end our day at the Plaza Hotel dancing to Gregory Moore and his band, followed by dinner at the Polo Bar.

I’ll be doing another post about the Easter Parade soon with some of the beautiful pictures taken that day, but for now please enjoy this video of our day! We will be making more videos soon and are open to suggestions of topics you would like to see!