Monthly Archives: October 2016


We’re excited to bring you another My Vintage Love video, this one covering our trip up to the lovely Lyndhurst Castle to see the Defying Labels fashion exhibit, which covers the fashion lives of two women from the Gould family- Anna Gould and Edith Kingdon Gould.  Sadly, we weren’t able to film inside the exhibit but we did our best to give you an impression of what it was like. If you would like to read more about the exhibit, the New York Times wrote a lovely piece about it which you can read here.

We also visited the outside of the bowling alley that has been beautifully renovated since our last visit. They will be holding private events in the bowling alley starting next year so I hope we can bring you a video inside the bowling alley soon! We ended our trip with a visit to the lovely Rose Gardens and Conservatory. If you’re ever in upstate New York we strongly suggest checking out Lyndhurst Castle and the gorgeous grounds!

We both decided to wear light colors for our outing, and I’m wearing a 30’s blouse with button details, a 30’s hat and a 40’s pencil skirt. It’s an outfit I’ve pulled together from various sources over the past year and I’m so happy that it all came together so well! I was especially excited to wear the darling hat which I bought at the Pier show in January.

We hope you enjoy this video and stay tuned for a new video about our visit to the Hershey Car Show soon!