Shoot with Cam Camarena


One of the great things about my job is that I work with really fun photographers who often want to collaborate when they find out that I love vintage and have a pretty extensive wardrobe to work with. One of these photographers is Cam Camarena, who we did a super fun shoot with awhile back. Cam was really excited to shoot us and rented a ton of props and created a whole set! He shot us both on the set and on black and white backgrounds, and we had four full wardrobe changes, including hair and makeup for me and a wide range of facial hair changes for Matthew (not sure about that handlebar moustache…)

The coup de grace is, of course, the montage that Cam created using the set and all of our various costume changes and acting skils, lol. (Also a lot of Photoshop, clearly!) I love showing it to people and seeing how surprised they are when they realize every couple is us!

Big thanks to Cam for taking the time to produce and shoot this! We had a great time and would love to do it again! You can see more of Cam’s work here: