Shoot with Elizabeth Bert

Me by Elizabeth #1 4.13 One of the major perks of being a makeup artist who loves vintage is the chance to work with other people who share my love and create beautiful images combining the two.  Recently I was lucky enough to have my colleague, friend and fellow vintage enthusiast, Elizabeth Bert, ask me to not only do makeup for a shoot but also model for her.  Elizabeth is a model herself as well as an aspiring photographer and former owner of a vintage store so she knows all about vintage style.  Elizabeth brought some wonderful hats for me to wear, and my hair was waved perfectly by the absolutely amazing hairstylist Kat Zemtsova. (I wish my hair looked like this every day!)  It was so exciting to create beautiful images with a great team, and to be in front of the camera,   I admit 🙂  I was so happy with how the pictures turned out and I can safely say they are some of my favorite pictures of myself ever taken.  I can hardly believe they’re me when I look at them.  In fact, I want these to go on my gravestone, I don’t care how old I am when I die!

Me by Elizabeth #2 4.13