New Year’s Day Tea Party


One of my absolute favorite events that I’ve recently been invited to is Robert Bryan’s New Year’s Day Tea Party.  Small and intimate, it takes place in Robert’s perfectly maintained Art Deco apartment that is a treat just to visit.  Robert is a legend in the fashion and vintage industries so it’s an honor just to be invited to his apartment and spend the first afternoon of the year with like-minded vintage lovers.  It’s a nearly perfect start to the year.  There is an amazing selection of tea, sandwiches, and an astounding array of sweet things (those new year’s resolutions start on January 2nd!)

I wore an amazing 1940’s green wool dress that I bought from Jennifer of Sarka’s Collection on Etsy.  With some red accessories it was the perfect holiday outfit.  Everyone else was dressed beautifully of course, from perfect 20’s dresses to an impeccable morning suit and the most amazing smoking jacket worn by our host.


IMG_5914 IMG_5936 IMG_5934 IMG_5933 IMG_5928 IMG_5910 1558473_10152150504034380_1614174724_n 1546434_10151875366528511_537429507_n 1504051_10151875409668511_147697408_n 1497758_10151875410238511_497992743_n 69530_10151875368438511_936416530_n

Even the legendary Bill Cunningham from the New York Times showed up, camera in hand, and there was a small section of New York Times Style Section devoted to the party the next Sunday.  Getting photographed and published by Bill (or “Uncle Bill” as we like to call him) is kind of the equivalent of the Olympics in our set, so having him there and seeing the spread made the party even more meaningful and fun.


As I mentioned, Robert’s apartment is an Art Deco shrine, and it is amazing just to be inside its walls.  Here are a few snapshots that give a hint of its impeccable beauty.  The amazing thing is that Robert said he found most of the furniture on the street in the 70’s and 80’s when people were just getting rid of vintage furniture.  Imagine!


IMG_5922 IMG_5921 IMG_5925 IMG_5923 IMG_5919