Haute Couture at Longchamps 1910-1920: Story by Mashable

1910 Prix du conseil municipal

There is so much to see on the internet nowadays its hard to find something really striking (Kim K, ahem), but one of my favorite vintage vendors, Wildfell Hall, posted a link to this story on Mashable the other day and it literally took my breath away: the earliest street style photography at the Longchamp races from 1910-1920.  There is so much beautiful fashion in this story it will make your mouth water.  I also love the beautiful, candid black and white photography which seems like a rare thing from those early days of photography.  No posing or carefully arranged garments, just a captured moment, sometimes with a smile for the camera, but more often than not those photographed were absorbed in the moment, talking with friends, standing on a chair to get a better view of the races or taking a rest.  It is what the best street style aspires to be even today.  I imagine Bill Cunningham would be very pleased indeed.

You can see the entire story on Mashable here   I’ve posted a few of my favorite shots in this post, but every picture is completely amazing on its own. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

1912 Hobble skirts and parasols Race-33 Race-34