FIT’s Elegance in an Age of Crisis Opening Party


Like I mentioned in my last post, there have been a lot of wonderful events in the past month.  One of the most exciting was an exhibit that opened at FIT that is a must for all lovers of vintage fashion. The exhibit, entitled “Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashion of the 1930’s”  features gems of the 30’s, including women’s and men’s wear.  It features some truly jaw-dropping gowns, some of which are also strikingly modern.  I remember thinking that many of the dresses would be completely appropriate on the red carpet today and the wearer would still look classic and stunning.  Of course I just wanted them all to add to my closet!  It was such a treat to be able to look at such rare and beautiful pieces that are in impeccable condition up close and personal.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the opening night party with some of our well-dressed friends.  I was finally able to wear one of the amazing dresses I had bought in Boise when I was visiting my parents this Christmas. A true 1930’s dress that looks like it was handmade and never worn before. The color and the fit were perfect! Matthew wore a complimentary velvet blazer. I was running from working on two fashion shows that day so I didn’t have time to do the appropriate fingers waves, but oh well, you do what you can!  Uncle Bill even stopped by, but we got there late so we missed him, but he took some lovely photographs of the event, as you can see from the NY Times Style Section clip below.  The rest of the pictures are by the always amazing Rose Callahan who captured so many of the wonderfully dressed attendees and truly gorgeous garments better than I ever could.  This is only a sampling of her lovely pictures; please be sure to her Flickr album to see them all.

The exhibition runs until April 19th and if you love vintage and are in the NYC area I highly recommend you go and see it! You can find out more the exhibit at the Museum of FIT’s website.

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