Brooklyn Tweed Ride 2015


On November 8th, we gathered once again at Grand Army Plaza for the annual Brooklyn Tweed Ride. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather: crisp, and just warm enough to not be freezing, but not too hot to make riding in our tweeds uncomfortable. I wore an absolutely amazing purple suit with black velvet trim that I had recently purchased for this very event. I wasn’t wearing tweed, its true, but hey, purple is a fall color and velvet is nice and warm! Even with a merry-widow on underneath it was surprisingly comfortable to ride in!


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About 40 of us gathered at Grand Army Plaza and after admiring each other’s bikes and tweedy ensembles, as well as the obligatory group shots, we were off!  We enjoyed the wind in our hair and the sun on our backs and of course the looks of delight and surprise on people’s faces as we rode by. We had a lengthy pit stop at the lovely Boat House, where Matthew and I were able to use the vintage traveling tea set we had received as a wedding gift from our friends Martha and Jeff, while some of our friends enjoyed more adult beverages from flasks they had brought. A talented musician in our group played his mandolin and sang and a few of us even danced on the dock to his tunes.

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After our break we rode to a bar at the corner of Greenwood Cemetery and further entertained and confused people with our tweedy fashions. All in all it was an excellent day and we’re already looking forward to next year! If you’re in Brooklyn in November ’16, drop me a line and you can join us!

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