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I live in NYC but I am always on the lookout for vintage, wherever I go. I. Spent some time in Boston this year, and had a change to check it some of their vintage vendors, the best of which is by far Bobby from Boston, which is a mecca of vintage menswear on the east coast (although he has some lovely women’s vintage as well!)

The store itself is one of the most beautifully decorated and laid out vintage stores you’ll ever see. Everything is perfectly, lovingly, artfully arranged, from floor to ceiling with built in shelving and a billiards table in the center of it all. If your fella loves vintage, or even if you’re just in the Boston area, it is worth a visit, just to see it all, because this is how a vintage store should be. And the selection! Sweaters, scarves, pants, jackets, suits, handkerchiefs, bags, workwear, hats, shoes (a whole small room in the back of just shoes!) pretty much everything a well-dressed, vintage-loving guy could ask for!  There is a smaller selection of ladies clothing in the back room and I have never failed to find at least one great piece every time I’ve visited, but this is really for the guys.
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The staff are unobtrusive and there’s never any hovering around while you’re looking at the wares, which is always a plus. Bobby himself will sometimes be in the store and is more than happy to answer questions about he he got started in the vintage clothing business.  If Bobby is in the store don’t pass up the opportunity to speak with him because its not often you get to talk to a living legend in the vintage clothing business.  Also, Bobby is one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever talk to.  There’s no other way to put it- he’s like the cool uncle or neighbor you wish you had growing up.
If you want a real treat, make an appointment to visit the warehouse in Lynn, which is a vintage-collector’s dream. (You know that smell of *real* vintage? That smell hits you across the face when you walk up the stairs and it is amazing.) Plan to spend the whole day there; I was only able to spend about an hour and half and left with some amazing pieces. If I’d had more time I would have left with way, WAY more finds, so I guess I was saved from myself, lol.
Bobby From Boston is located at 19 Thayer Street, Boston, MA. If you see Bobby, be sure to tell him you read about him here.  What a great guy and a great store!
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