Jazz Age Lawn Party Tickets Now Available


The Jazz Age Lawn Party is this weekend! It’s like the Olympics of the NYC vintage scene and we plan for it all year.  I’ve been going since the second year and I’ve seen it grow exponentially.  This weekend, June 14th and 15th, is the first weekend, and there is a second weekend August 16th & 17th.  All I can say is get there early, it gets crowded fast and the best time of day is in the first hours when there’s still room on the dance floor to dance and room to stroll around.  There are some wonderful vintage vendors there, so be sure to slip some cash into your garters, as they say. (Although most do take cards.)

To buy tickets go to www.jazzagelawnparty.com but do it soon- they sold out last year and most likely will again this year as it continues to grow and the media coverage expounds every year!

Here are a few gems from last year’s lawn party- June and August. If you’re wondering, yes that is Baz Luhrman paddling my bottom with a cricket bat- he stopped by that day much to everyone’s delight!  We’ll be there both days with our picnic set up; please stop by and say Hello if you see us- I’d love to meet some MVL’ers face to face!

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